Whiteboards help you connect with buyers in a new, visual way to accelerate growth
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The power of visual communication in influencing the emotional side of a buyers brain is well proven. With structured visual conversations you can prepare your team to communicate value and differentiate your offer better than your competitors. This means winning more and faster growth.


Greater impact

Stand out from the crowd with messaging that is relevant, compelling and insightful for customers. When you have something customers want and show you are different you can grow faster.


Buyers are inundated with suppliers, they want to engage with trusted partners who can educate, guide and support them throughout their buying journey. This can be you.

Aligned sales & marketing

With clear and structured sales messaging, the sales team can see more value from a marketing team and help the two groups to work together more effectively.

Within three months ... 100% of our sales people are capable and confident in the consistent delivery of our chosen message.... the use of the Whiteboard also opened the door to over £4m worth of qualified business opportunities.

Telecoms user

It has changed the way that we sell - for the better.



We have a range of approaches that can work for you. From a one day starter session to more company wide engagements, and supported with video reinforcement we can improve your sales team’s ability to communicate your value proposition with impact using whiteboards and other visual communications tools.



A short but effective session that gets the whole team on-board with the principles and skills of selling with visual communications.


Message development

Working with your team we help you to crystallise your selling messages into visual whiteboards, napkins and pitches that communicate and engage your customer more than PowerPoint decks



To support the team back in the workplace we capture the delivery of the storyboard using video and physical media that can be used to guide, on-board and train.

Why Outside In.

Our simple yet comprehensive approach offers thinking, structure, visual tools and supporting video collateral to truly embed this new approach for your team.

Our whiteboard experts with over 25 years experience in b2b sales and have been involved in training thousands of business professionals in whiteboard selling.

To start communicating with customers in a new with VisualSelling

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