Customer Experience 3 – Understand

Data Collection is just not enough for improved results.

Many organisations believe that it is enough to complete a customer experience survey and ‘tick the box’. If they have done a survey this is enough. Some feel that by surveying a lot this is especially good.

We feel this confidence is misguided. It is more likely to create more dissatisfaction if you survey and don’t change as a result than it would by not surveying in the first place. Equally, ‘lots of survey data you do nothing with’ is nothing more than more expensive than ‘a little data you do nothing with’. If this is you, stop now and save costs!

It is vital that you collect data then act if you are to drive changes in perception and therefore results.

The next stage of the customer experience process is understanding what the key issues are, without this your data collection efforts will be wasted.

Analysis develops understanding

As they say, ‘the devil is in the detail’. Spend time to correlate your results with data available in your organisation and add a pinch of common sense.

Segment and profile your results against your customer groups, this will help you to understand them individually rather than as one large lump. Do you have Key accounts for instance and how do you perform relative to the expectations of your most important customers? Prioritise the results of those most important to you and consider responses relative to customer value (revenue, growth and profit).

Some typical segments to think about include the following:

  • sector
  • segment
  • geography
  • business unit
  • solution usage
  • by account (groups of responses)

It is important to take the headlines, key trends and key messages as a basis for communications but take time to understand the detail behind statements and feedback .Dig into the root cause of the issues and focus on fixing the right problems.


1. Prioritise your effort based on customer value.

2. Explore the root cause of issues and don’t take feedback at face value without this detail

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