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Customer Experience 4 – Focus

Focus your transformation activity to minimise costs and deliver results

Once you have identified the key issues to address the time has arrived to implement change. There are many approaches available on how you might approach your transformation activities but if you dont, try this. We like the keep the process simple and tackle some of the fundamentals for effective change:

Prioritise effort

Following the analysis of your current situation you should be able to clearly see the performance gaps that need to be addressed. This can be set out as a clear set of objectives and these can be used to shape your actions. Be sure to build disciplined plans that will overcome any inertia of current activities.

Prioritise from the understanding stage your key areas of focus. Pay particular attention to the potential root causes of client dissatisfaction and seek to address these as a matter of urgency.

Create Awareness

Spend some time creating a clear vision of your end game by developing a view of where you would like to be on a particular issue. What would success look like for that activity in the future and how will you measure improvement? With this you have a target.

Communicate this vision widely in the organisation and where possible align it with the objectives in the organisation.

Align Resources

Clearly define the resources needed to implement and sustain the desired changes. Identify the human resources, time and financial investments required and secure commitment to these in your organisation. Empower the teams with the necessary sponsorship to understand the issues and support the change activities from the top.

Desire & motivation

Do you have the commitment, ownership, accountability and appropriate reward structures in place to sustain the changes you need to make? More than filling the team with bodies try to identify and engage with passionate advocates who will have the energy and motivation to lead change within teams. These people can be used to carry  the torch for change in the organisation.

Measure progress 

Identify and capture the measures that will track progress toward your end game. Spend time early on in the process capturing a base line measure that can be used as a benchmark for future performance. Where possible identify external measures that will offer insight on the performance of your organisation

Disciplined process

Implement a clear reporting and review process for the change programmes. Use these reviews to set expectations of the magnitude and velocity of change required in their teams and establish a discipline in the process. Without rigorous reviews it is likely that inertia will take over and progress will be slowed.


1. Use a disciplined change programme to ensure improvements are sustained.

2. Prioritise effort where the greatest returns are avaiable

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