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Customer insights

Know what is important to your buyers and what they value

Successful sales teams are relevant to the needs of a buyer and understand how their needs change at different moments in time. When you are more informed about buyers, and what is important to them throughout their buying journey, it is possible to focus on doing the right thing at the right time.


Greater impact

Stand out from the crowd with messaging that is relevant, compelling and insightful for customers. When you have something customers want and show you are different you can grow faster.

Deeper relationships

Detailed insights on companies and individuals help you to engage people more effectively – thus saving time, money and effort whilst improving relationships.

Targeted selling

A clear understanding of customer segments, needs and value requirements helps you target efforts better – reducing cost and improving win rates.

We needed some specific intelligence to help us get access to a key customer on a £multi-million bid, and this insight helped to open the door.

Bid leader, IT Services

Wow, that was so enlightening! I get my customer much better now.

Journey mapping workshop attendee, 2015

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