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Leading change

For change to stick, leaders need to be in front and on top of sales transformation
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Leading change is hard, especially if you want to sustain sales transformation for the long term. In our experience, leaders are usually very good at influencing change in subordinates. They can be less good at changing themselves. We can help boards lead from the front.


Accelerate improvement

Capable and focused leaders can accelerate a company’s long term sales performance, by focusing on the right changes that have the greatest impact.

Capability improvement

Build more capable leaders of sales transformation, who lead a team of sales professionals towards a common vision of competing more effectively.

Reduced anxiety

With the right vision and a clear improvement plan it is possible to reduce the levels of confusion, anxiety and resistance to change. This helps your changes stick.

Organisations are more successful when the executive team is performing at their best, leading improvement from the front and walking the talk!

Garry Mansfield, Outside In


Our approach is to inspire people to recognise their potential; to discover how to remove the roadblocks stopping them from achieving that potential; and to generate momentum to achieving that potential. We will blend sessions working with the board with individual sessions.


One to one coaching

Individual coaching for executives looking at how to better lead change.


Qualified Coaches

Certified Master Coach qualified, and with decades of coaching experience we will help to inspire development.


Group coaching

We work with groups and teams to bring cohesion and alignment at the top of the company.

If your executive team would benefit from seriously good executive coaching

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