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Insight and productivity tools for territory based sales teams
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With TerritoryMap sales teams will visualise their territory in new ways – easily seeing where to go, when to engage and how to plan their routes for greatest success. Managers save time and are more accurate with territory assignment.


Informed decisions

Add multiple data layers and visualise on a map help you to see sales opportunities.

Productivity gains

Quicker and more effective journey planning for territory sales teams.


Better planning

Quickly rework territory mapping to speed up planning and what-if analysis.



Detailed route planning

Optimised route plans helps your sales team to be more productive.


Territory assigments

Managers can build detailed data models for better territory assignment.


Visualisation & insights

Map multiple data sets for standard and custom objects to build insightful visualisations


Monitor check-in's

Check in and out of customer meetings, adding notes to keep the whole team informed and trigger workflows.


Proximity search

Gather intelligence on a map based on proximity to your position.


Thematic data models

Roll up data in territories to provide analysis and planning tools.

Why Outside In.

We know what it takes to run a territory sales team most effectively, with decades of B2B sales management experience. Coupled with over 5 years as a Salesforce ISV partner we are well placed to help you maximise results.

This solution is used by thousands of users globally, bringing map based visualisation to Salesforce.

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