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Outside In customer success

DealSheet helps a global satellite sales team to focus

“DealSheet works for us, bringing rigour to our P-WIN (win probability) and P-GO (opportunity will progress) measurements. It’s the main point of sales manager/director dialogue and makes a real difference in focusing on the real opportunities rather than those that will soak up effort, but not deliver in the end.”

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UK Comms Reseller uses DealSheet

“I have a much better grip of the pipeline now. My team found this easy to use and it has really helped me to focus our efforts on those we have a chance of winning.”

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Sales Performance Coaching #1

100% of coached individuals believed that performance coaching had a positive impact on their performance & 80% would “definitely” recommend to their colleagues.

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Deal qualification approach development

Deal Qualification approach development for global services company "Finally we have a common approach in our business to opportunity qualification" VP Sales Better win rates and deal governance, reduced costs and tighter alignment of goals. The BID to WIN ratio...

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Customer experience program

The measure of customer satisfaction was significantly improved 50% growth in proportion of “Very satisfied” clients. Retention of a number of £1m+ accounts previously under threat. The awareness of customer value increased across the organisation   The client issue...

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Go-to-market strategy development

Marketing campaign costs reduced by 75% and more orders were generated New clients were acquired in the target markets. Sales team time spent with customers was increased by 60% The ability to ‘qualify’ key opportunities improved, significantly lifting percentage win...

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Discovery audit

We identified 3 priorities for performance improvement:   Accelerate new proposition development for 2 specific new offers Improve Qualification and opportunity management process Implement an initial performance management approach   The client issue We worked with...

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Proposition Playbook Development

A Fully documented and supported process helped to raise the bar in proposition development coaching Many £’000’s saved in 'wasted' proposition development costs Coaching of  live opportunities accelerated progress for selected propositions   The client issue This...

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